Recruit Next Generation Talent

The Public School Fellowship is a talent pipeline model for preparing and placing graduating seniors from public universities into critical local government jobs.

Fellows are full-time employees paid by the local government who serve in critical roles across five different career pathways. Additionally, Fellows receive intensive training based on Public School's experience teaching problem-solving skills to current public servants.

In each city, Public School creates partnerships between public universities and local governments in order to collaboratively implement a Fellowship. After two cohorts are placed, Public School transfers full program control to the local partners.

Public School is currently developing pilots of the Fellowship in multiple cities across the United States.

Goals of the Fellowship

Build a Talent Pipeline into Local Government

Create a sustainable pipeline of highly qualified, local, and diverse talent into management-track careers in local government.

Improve the Design and Delivery of Public Services

Make local government services more effective, efficient, easy-to-use, and equitable by building a next-generation public servant workforce.

Increase Community Participation in Government

Change the “us versus them” narrative by enabling recipients of public services to start careers in government and give back to their communities.

Components of the Fellowship

1-Month Training Bootcamp

All Fellows take part in a bootcamp prior to the start of the Fellowship and learn how to solve problems and navigate government.

2-Year Agency Placements

Fellows serve a single agency during the program and work on launching new services or maintaining existing ones.

Ongoing Development

Regular training, speakers, mentorship, and social events support continuous learning and development for the Fellows.

Five Career Pathways

Fellows are placed into critical roles in program management, policy analysis, communications, technology, and administration.

Local Program Ownership

Public School works with stakeholders to build the capacity to manage the program locally after the initial two cohorts.

Focus on Long-Term Retention

Fellows transition into permanent civil service employment by the end of the Fellowship.

Benefits for All Stakeholders

Local Governments

  • Sustainable pipeline of local, qualified talent reduces hiring time

  • Entry-level workforce trained to solve complex social challenges

  • More accessible civil service hiring process for college graduates

Public Universities

  • Improved post-graduation employment rates

  • Deeper relationship-building with local government

  • Engaged local alumni network supports future graduates

University Students

  • Early recruitment into secure jobs with competitive salaries

  • Opportunity to transform the way government serves community

  • Mission-driven work creates massive, tangible social impact