Empowering teams from a growing agency to envision a new strategy

Client: NYC Department of Records

The Challenge

Since doubling in size and taking on new responsibilities, the agency has not been able to set a cohesive vision with goals that all staff buy into

The Outcome

A strategic plan that all staff contributed to and a reorganized executive team structure

Since the start of the de Blasio administration, the NYC Department of Records has taken on a renewed mission of transparency to ensure that all New Yorkers have access to government records online and in-person, including leading the launch of Open Records. As a result, the agency has doubled in staff and budget.

However, with so much progress in such a short amount of time, the executive team had not been able to engage all staff, new and old, about the updated priorities and set goals that everyone bought into.

In order to engage all employees in the strategic planning process, Public School led a series of workshops over two months that taught a core team of senior and junior employees skills on goal-setting and designing metrics. These staff replicated mini versions of the workshops with their own teams and brought the ideas generated back to the main group. This gave all agency staff the ability to have their voices heard.

At the end of the process, the executive team created a tactically focused strategic plan that included goals, metrics, and a timeline. The team also created new roles to help the department manage progress and achieve its goals and promoted from within to leverage internal expertise.